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  • About Mark Burch

    About American Composer, Mark Burch

Mark Burch is highly skilled in many facets of the music industry and does it all exceptionally well. The experience and dedication to be the best has paid off for Mark over the last several years. Whether it be performing alongside a multi-platinum selling artist in sold out stadiums or composing music for a national show, Mark always takes it to the next level! Click HERE for an astonishing list of accomplishments.

The journey all started in Amarillo, TX with an old (rarely tuned) antique piano. At a very young age of only three years old, Mark was crawling up on the piano bench making up melodies and creating simple musical pieces. Nobody realized then, that his talent on the piano would later develop into a prestigious career journey.

Fast forward several years to Mark’s teenage years and he was offered an opportunity he couldn’t pass up! That opportunity was to tour with his mother who had recently started her own band called the Debbie Burch Band as the lead singer. Mark toured the country with his mother and a few other regional cover bands from age sixteen to twenty-one and then decided it was time to give music mecca, Nashville, Tennessee a shot.

Finding work was no trouble for Mark in the big city. He quickly began performing with some of country music’s biggest artists right away. His first big break was with chart topping country artist, Joe Nichols who heard him in a local Nashville bar and hired him right on the spot to go promote his first #1 single, Brokenheartsville. Mark Burch would continue to tour with many more multi-platinum Grammy winning artists such as Mark Chesnutt, Billy Currington, Tanya Tucker, John Michael Montgomery and many more big names in country music.

Not long after performing/recording with so many well-known artists, Mark started to see the “behind the scenes” of how the music industry worked. The methods of how to get a song on the charts and what elements made a song a hit. Shortly after Mark started to build up his own home studio his friends where knocking on his door asking him to put that industry knowledge to use and make recordings for them. It didn’t take long for Mark to be in a studio every single day producing demos for song writers, and albums for newer artists. He always manages to get the best performance out of an artist and creates a commercial sound that fits them, while still being unique and appealing to a large audience of listeners. Audio Examples

Country music isn’t the only side to Mark Burch just because he is based in Nashville. Mark has studied all genres from rock and pop to even world music such as Arabic. This makes him unstoppable as a composer! He is equipped to create the perfect music for any scenario and draw from all his unique experiences to create something that will stand out and be remembered for being great.

I absolutely love to compose music! It is the one thing that draws from all my experiences over the years at once like recording, producing, performing, and often even engineering. Nothing else can challenge me like that.

With so many incredible accomplishments already behind Mark Burch you can’t help but get the sense his tremendous dedication will bring even more to come. Creating a name as a talented producer around Nashville and becoming known for his work around the country as a composer, I’m sure you will hear his name more and more as time goes by!